20 January 2014

TYPO : Keyboard That Helps You Not To Typo

To be honest, I was all over the internet today, searching for a perfect iPhone accessory for myself and my iPhone obviously and all I could find were fancy covers with different designs with guarantee of having a scratchless experience for years that will keep the iPhone looking new even if its dumped into the closet for a while without use. None of these caught my eye not even the premium leather cases which were polished to look spot on and elegant. What I was looking for was something out of the box and that could help me in my day to day activities with my phone as well as protect the phone from an unusual drop or bump.

Guess what, I found it, thanks to CES 2014 an amazing apple accessory that got my head turned and jaw drop.

 The TYPO KEYBOARD! Instead of progressing in the forward direction and taking over touch screen technology, some people cannot get comfortable with the touch sensitivity and roll into making numerous typos. They just love the old click-click of the buttons which give satisfaction of the letter entered successfully. Well thanks to TYPO KEYBOARD , you can still have the functions of the iPhone and the comfort of typing into a button based keyboard.

The plastic keyboard device attaches to the iPhone fluently and has no problem with the screen viewing. Its so comfortable, even large handed people can easily use the keyboard without having the hinge or awkwardness of accessing a smaller device. Its made of plastic and is hard which is very good because it actually feels like it is part of the phone instead of an addition to the iPhone.

The TYPO KEYBOARD supports the iPhone 5 and 5S only and is very light to add on to. It has its own battery and power input for charging the keyboard. The LED's between the button light up like the Blackberry keypads though its still way better than touch typing for most people who can't do without the keyboard. The device pairs with iOS 6 software and Bluetooth technology to give the best typing experience ever. So no more TYPO's from your side unless you are really bad at typing or very lazy to move your fingers across a miniature keyboard.

Supported device: iPhone 5 / 5s
Dimensions: 6.2cm (W) x 14.2cm (T) x 1.3cm (D)
Weight: 1.4 ounces
Battery: 180 mAH
Power Input: 5V USB charging
Keyboard Light: White LED’s
Warranty: 1 Year Operating
Temperature: 40F - 110F
Water Resistant: No

Setup: Simple bluetooth pairing
System: iOS 6+ 
Wireless: Bluetooth 3.0
In the Box: Typo Keyboard Micro USB Charging Cable Instructions