27 August 2013


Nokia has had a very good time manufacturing devices supporting Windows Phone OS and named these devices "Lumia"

The latest in the new line of Windows Phone 8 devices form Nokia is the Nokia Lumia 1020 featuring a
41 MP camera with a small hump to prove that it has a powerful camera. That is just the part of the looks, while people are going crazy about the camera features as well as the quality.

Nokia recently sent an update named Amber enabling a cool new application called Pro Cam to be installed on this device and other devices.
This new application has a very advanced UI bearing touch screen manual controls of almost a DSLR.

The phone's hardware capability is way better than an average DSLR and adding to the software its just pure awesomeness.

But it doesnt end there,

Yes, a CAMERA GRIP for the Nokia Lumia 1020! How cool is that.

This new accessory does not come with the device in the box, but for photographers I should say its a recommended accessory. The Camera Grip helps you Capture with confidence.

It has been specially designed to fit the Lumia 1020 perfectly. The best part is, it gives you a DSLR type camera grip and helps you click pictures with a single hand. Dont worry about the blur if you dont have a steady hand, the phone hardware is built to give perfect steady pictures.

The grip does not only help in taking pictures but is also a portable charger, so running low on battery?
Specially when you need to take those extra shot? Just add this onto your device and go ga-ga!

The grip is available in different colours to suit your phone and fit perfectly onto the device.
Looks like a very powerful camera device, and its worth it. Another plus point is the device can be attached to any Tripod stand. Seems like all professional photographers are going to dump their DSLRs and bag this baby soon!

Nokia, a giant in smartphone market. Read here to know more