23 August 2013

Improve iOS gaming with accessories from Discovery Bay Games

Discovery Bay Games recently reached a new milestone raising $15 million in its second round of funding from Logitech to create a better gaming experience.

"DBG" makes accessories for iOS device and enhance gameplay, and has been successful with its Atari Arcade device, turning an iPad into a mini arcade machine.

This fall, DBG will make major new releases to its products line to make the gaming experience on the iPad like a traditional console.

“Gameplay in iOS can be made better with physical devices,” the DBG chief executive officer Michael Sievert told VentureBeat. “iOS is the fastest growing game platform we’ve ever seen, and we’re taking advantage of that trend.”

The funding was led by Seattle's Trilogy Equity Partners and Logitech stating :  "As a global leader in PC gaming, we understand the magnitude of the opportunity in gaming devices for tablets and mobile phones"

The company's two main goals are to develop better gaming peripherals and the marketing and sales of these devices.Already existing retailers including Apple Store, Walmart, Target and Toys R Us already sell some DBG's devices and will sell the new ones in the future.

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