30 November 2013

Best Mobile accessories to improve your ios and Android phones

We're unbelievably lucky in this day and age that our portable telephones are equipped for to such an extent. We can play the most recent amusements, check the climate and even still find opportunity to make an unassuming telephone call.

However past the force of our telephones, lie considerably more cool contraptions to bring about a noticeable improvement. We investigate the top five additional items to transform our mobiles into shockingly better machine.

Virtual Keyboard

Add the Virtual Keyboard to your iphone and you essentially have a machine in your pocket. We all know writing on cell phones could be unreliable. Particularly those with thick fingers, yet on account of this unimaginable contraption, those days are no more. About the span of a lighter, the Celluon Magic Cube ventures a laser onto an even surface, significance you're great to sort practically anywhere.


The Photojojo is one for all you sharp photographic artists. Good with both Android and Apple gadgets Photojojo lenses improve your photographs so proficient quality. With various diverse lenses to browse incorporating Fisheye, Telephoto and Wide Angle, you can get the ideal shot, without needing to convey round your massive Polaroid.


The universally adored that unseeing frenzy when they've lost their keys. It's a sinking feeling and one that will presumably abandon you sat outside your front entryway for a lot of time. Not any longer. Sharpen utilizes Bluetooth engineering to identify your keys when you appear to have lost them. Essentially join the Hone Dongle to your keys, stack up the application and they'll be back in your pocket.

iControlPad Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Versatile gaming is more famous than at any time in the past and is hinting at no backing off. The icontrol Pad is ideal for gaming on both ios and Android units and has an electric storage device life suitable for a fast session of Angry Birds or a long spell on the online clubhouse tables. An absolute necessity for any sharp gamers, the icontrol Pad Bluetooth Gaming Controller truly is the ideal unit for iphone portable gaming.


The Jackpen is an unbelievably basic device yet one that could be a lifeline. Fitting conveniently inside your earphone attachment, the Jackpen is perfect for when the notepad in your telephone isn't sufficient. For those times when you need to round out an authoritative document or need something to loop your numbers on the lottery, the Jackpen is the most clever and cheapest of apple accessories ever.