17 February 2014

Essential Gadgets Accessories And Thier Use

Accessories can really make our phones and devices look better and bring out the best in them. Some accessories look good and well as protect the phone as well as look astoundedly cool to wear. Other utility accessories include headphones, portable chargers, USB cables and connectors, lightning cables, HDMI cables and USB OTG. Accessories can include many other devices that can make the phone open to many new features including connecting to a PC via a wifi connection and remotely using it.


The USB is the most standardized way to transfer data to a desktop for devices like cameras, phones and anything that can attribute features with a Standard Universal Serial Bus connection. The transfer rate over the years has increased rapidly. Along with USB there are a lot more cables introduced to remove the barrier between device connections.

Cables like Full HD with audio and video male to male connectors are an advantage in quality sound transferring. Cables should have good length like around 10M for out of house use and around 2-3 M for in house usage with high speed transfer rate. The only annoying part of USB has been considered and hence a new type connector has been invented to avoid the flipping at the port. Annoying at times!

The new cables with very high speed transfer rates are the USB 3.0 connectors which now support most cellphones, cameras and portable hard drives. This can later help in transferring high quality images and files in just a couple of seconds. Probably the next generation pen drives will support USB 3.0 too.
HDMI cables are another amazing example for amazing video and audio viewing with just one cable. Watch FULL HD movies right from your iPad connected to your own personal home television.

Apart from cables, there should be ways to protect your phone from daily usage mishaps of drops , scratches and water spills. You really don't want to drop your phone and have major nicks or scratches or worse even a cracked screen. In this case a precaution is better using a iPhone Case and Screen Protectors which has a high bezel so that any awkward fall will just result in some scratches on the case only. Your phone will be protected from all sides as well as you won’t lose the show of the color and look of the phone. With the case you can a screen protector so as not to scratch the screen with daily use because nails can actually lead to small scratches.Some cases are very minutely designed that you would feel ashamed to show the natural color of your phone.

If you look at accessories for phones, there are a lot to choose from. Music lovers prefer good headphones with quality sound to listen to their favourite tracks, that awesome bass and beats to have club like feel. These headphones need to be lightweight and have good cables like non tangible and a standard 3.5mm jack so that it can go into any music player. Mostly using an iPod to store all the songs and sometimes the normal smartphone as a backup music device.