20 August 2013

Mercury debuts it's "Soul" Wireless Headset

"Soul" is named by the name given by Kobain, a brand which sells tablets under the name of Mercury to a wireless bluetooth headset launched for the first time.

The headset is available in various different colours , start off with White (Picture below), red, black, blue, pink and orange.

The headset has been optimized to provide excellent music quality as well as perfect noise cancellation input for calls. The headset is preferable for both without any problems.

The headset is charged via USB and has a battery confirmed to last for 10 hrs. The bluetooth version used is 2.1 with EDR frequency support.

Vice president-business, Sushmita Das at Kobian said, "With the launch of Soul wireless Bluetooth headset, Mercury has entered the world of wireless. Mercury Soul is designed for people of all age groups and can be used while walking, at the gym, office, home and so on."

How does wireless Headsets work? Check it out here 

The headset is at a good budget cost , giving tough competition to other OEM's in this category since other headsets with this technology costs a lot more than Rs 1,999. Yes this is the price for this amazing BT Wireless headset.

Do let us know what you think about this new "Soul" at such a pricing in the comments below.