19 August 2013

Motorola Skip clip NFC based stickers

The tech world is advancing with new mobiles and laptops. Mobile with touch screen so sensitive you can use them even with gloves on. More advanced features in mobile phones now , allows the user to not even touch the screen, only eye movement is required to scroll contacts and lists on the screen.

Laptops are now in the form of Tablet PCs , which allow a detachable keyboard and touch screen interface.

These are only the devices advancing so quick to make a better solution for all our daily needs.
How about accessories which make it even more comfortable for us to go through our daily routine?

Yes, NFC chips, that allowed users to personalize a chip with events that should occur when the phone is at that region is now OLD.

What is NFC? Read Here

Motorola has launched a new NFC-based clip that, when worn by the owner, will allow them to use their smartphone without having to unlock the device.

What if you can wear an NFC-based clip allowing you to use your device without the hassles of unlocking it every time. This technology has been introduced by Motorola and has been named Motorola Skip clip. These clips will ship with US-only Moto X Phones.

The main idea behind this is to create "trusted zones" by users, so that the phone automatically recognizes it if a lock is required or safe to be unlocked.

The company estimates the average user unlocks their device around 40 times a day, while for power users its closer to 200. Would you like to have the Skip at your disposal for your iOS or Android gadget? Let us know in the comments section below.