06 September 2013

Linksys Dual-Band N Router

Earlier today I was lazily browsing over the internet for some nice technical stuff. I came across some routers. We all know the branded ones, that gives us best quality wireless and wired experience.
Some give better range, at good speed and some give better security measures.

So what do we look for in a router for home use. Wire up my main desktop and hook up the laptops and my cell phones with safe wireless secure connections. The better part is I can hook up my game console so I can play online multi-player with my friends and compare scores. There that will keep me busy for a while.

So which router should i go for, there are a lot of choices. I came to a standstill at this sexy looking router by Linksys.

Some technical stuff : The Linksys E3200 has an awesome wireless speed of upto 300Mbps with optimal range and dual band technology. The router is designed for home entertainment, perfect for me. So now I am going to have myself hooked to the game console and laptop!
It uses Wireless-N technology that allows uninterrupted HD video streaming. The USB port allows easy wired file sharing with an external storage device and also Printer sharing over the network smoothly and easy. Cisco Connect has its own set up software to help you manage your network easily.

The router boots the signal strength to provide exceptional wireless connect within the house no matter how many walls come in the way, the wireless strength is really very good. Specially with the Dual band technology, the wireless sharing causes no lag for other users.
Wireless security includes WPA/WPA2 encryption and a SPI firewall to keep the protection at its best.

Get this and get gaming! I guess i wont goto work after I get this baby!

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