09 September 2013

Waka Waka : A light and battery backup tool

I normally have to travel for more than an hour to office everyday. So I pack my bag with some entertainment devices. A PSP and my smartphone. My smartphone battery seems to die really quickly now i noticed that it has to switch networks while on the move, plus my data is ON, I need to socialize or rather I have to. This new "waka waka" i have heard of (No it's not a dance), a battery backup tool, that can be recharged using solar energy! So i charge my phone on the phone, just give it the light it needs.
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For the design and looks, I could give it a 10 on 10. Really stylish and sleek. Fits in the pocket and looks really premium. The gadget isnt 100% waterproof because of the small USB port opening, but a light rain is fine.Hang it on the window or keep it in the garden or something should get enough light to charge this baby up for FREE!

The Waka Waka takes about 8- solar charging hours to charge to full even with less sunlight due to the rugged plastic and front solar panels. It discharges giving you 100 hrs of torch light at Low setting, 40 hrs on medium and 20+ hrs on high power. Like every other torch utility , even this small gadget has an SOS feature using the power button. Just holding the power button for a couple of seconds sends out an SOS.

The light can be used for a lot of activity, including a dark room or street, reading in low light, etc, since it is very easy to carry around. The device has a backup battery of 2200mAh lithium polymer that can charge most smartphones via USB. The better part of this device is that you can charge it using a USB cable and carry it around as a portable battery. Cool! I'll just continue to juice up my smartphone now and not worry about charge again.

 Looks cool!

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