11 September 2013

Philips "CushionSpeaker" for your notebook

Laptops, the name suggests it was OK to keep it on the lap while using it, but it turned out to be fatal once for a teen when the fan vent got blocked by her thigh and the laptop heated to a level that gave her a burnt mark.
Thus we now know it as a Notebook to ensure people dont mistake it to keep it on the lap.
Thing is, the name doesnt matter because the device is portable and its ability to carry around simply actually tends us to get into places where we cannot rest the device on a table or something. Generally people are bound to keep it on their lap,but it doesnt mean it will fry your thigh too.

So here is a neat device that keep your notebook comfy on your lap and adds some extra features to it, making it more entertaining.

The Philips CushionSpeaker , sleek and sexy looking white Cushion. Now its not just a cushion, it has a special layer on the top, so that you can place your Notebook on it, lie down and read an Ebook or watch a movie without any fear of it sliding off.

Major highlight of the this tech-savvy cushion is that it has digital inbuilt stereo speakers and USB plug for power and play.
The cushion also provides cooling feature protecting your notebook form overheating.

The gadget weighs just 1.49 kg's and supports Windows as well as MAC OS for the features to run perfectly.

So lets bag this cushion and go on a roll with excellent music and maybe a movie without any thoughts about overheating.

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