05 September 2013

Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector for Macbook Pro

Laptops are small and handy devices which you can carry around and does almost everything that a normal desktop does. The only problem with a laptop is high maintenance and care. They heat up quick dust accumulation can cause overheating and lot more to detail.

For now lets just consider the keyboard. It accumulates dust and particles and sometimes gets in between the buttons and we feel is a bit different to tap at. Interference as such can be annoying at times and also for some gamers.

So here is UPPERCASE Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector for your Macbook

The protective cover is made with Thermalplastic Polyurethene and not silicone does not allow dust to get into those small gaps. The best part is it protects your keyboard from any spills such as tea,coffee or water and the stains can be wiped off instantly.

The protective cover is very thin and you can hardly notice the difference between the two. It has comfortable gaps so there is no change in experience of typing.

Know what a macbook is, here