04 September 2013

Armadillo folding car

"Armadilo-T" is an electric car made in South Korea which is an experiment. The car is said to work with commands sent from a smartphone which has the ability to park and fold itself to nearly half of itself!

Its a small two seater which is named after an animal whos shell it resembles. The car is said to be only an experiment which may not hit the market.
The car is just a trend to develop a better friendly urban space vehicle. 

Some specs :
The folding car can travel at 100km with a 10 min charge with max speed of 60 km per hour.

"They can be parked in every corner of the street and buildings, be it apartments, shopping malls or supermarkets," said Suh In-soo 
who led development of the car.
So there are no rear-view mirrors but nice tiny digital cameras that show the rear and sides of the car on a flat screen over at the dashboard. The cars system helps the driver while parking using smartphone technology.

Demo :