01 September 2013

Sony PS4 , virtual reality

Sony just cant stop their series of improvements with the console that everyone loves..The PlayStation.!

After the success of PS1 and PS2, Sony made a large improvement with the PS3 and no one would have thought so much to come with the PS4 including free sharing of games , virtual reality using the EYE.

Demo :

The console will have a Dual shock wireless remote and playstation camera to tack your movements and stuff.

The controller is a bit heavy this time to the previous PS3 remote giving you that true taste of a gaming remote and dual shock vibration. The controller is not bulky and fits perfectly in every hand. Sleek and a textured coating on the dual sticks that helps for a better grip.

The PS4 also has a central touch panel which is very responsive in menus and neat clicks. The clicks act like a Start button , but yes that button will be missed. This new touch pad is the bridge between the new generation PS4 interactive screen display, throwing characters around, rubbing it to produce an electronic genie and lots more.

Last but not the least, the PlayStation 4 is just priced for pre order at $399 at various online stores.
Grab one now, and make sure you have a spare TV and a room as well because there is no way you are going to leave your seat once you are glued to this new console!

Sony being the best gaming console manufacturer , to know more read here