26 September 2013

Top Accessories you can buy from an Online Store

Today lets get some mixed feelings about the devices we own. We buy a gadget to help us do most of our daily stuff faster, easier, smoother. It does almost everything that a normal desktop computer does and is efficient as a portable. Phones are perfect but now tablets have started surfacing, giving it a better view to complete tasks.
Lets talk about some apple accessories first.
Apple being a big brand in the market, holding a lot of shares with its variety of products at exceptional quality also needs to keep the devices you own safe from daily-use. This is where you need accessories to dress them up and show off the little small features you can add to them.

The Iphones have not been the toughest of phones in build quality, just looks isn't enough but also a single drop should sustain damage to the body, color and screen. But it every phone lacks in that, so we have a solution to the small nicks and drops and well as giving the glass more life from scratches.

Adding a little weight could just save your phone from being scratched or ending up with a screen broken beyond repair. Try out there amazing looking covers, while the guys can go brutal looking with space droid designs and some stylish beautiful looking cases for the ladies. Now expect your girl matching up for her dress code with the phone cover instead of pairing up with you.


After a nice day at the park or zoo , with nearly a hundred pictures of different species and landscape to look at, some may not be perfect clicks and some may just be worth a wallpaper on the phone or desktop.
How are you supposed to transfer so many pictures or upload them on a cloud? Lost your USB cable or USB too short ?

Here are some solutions, flat USB charging and data sync cables , in different colors to suite your phone case style or if you travel everyday. There are variants that help you have a gap of 13m from your device and table, now that's a breather. Plus it rolls back into itself to look like a small biscuit that you can take along and show off. The next one is important since while driving you do not want any distraction from the road which could cause a bad day. Take up some sweet car charger, high quality and elastic so its easy to put away when done and also use it to charge and keep it at a view-able place. Well only so you can keep a track on the calls you get since you should not receive calls while driving.


These are very basic additions to your device needs, apart from that you can add accessories that can actually help you in productivity for the day, like detachable keyboards, mouses, keyboards, headphones and Bluetooth headsets.

These were some specific apple dedicated products that fit the style of those sleek shiny looking phones and tablets. What about other accessories for people who don't fancy an IPhone or iPad?

Stores aren't a bummer for those, there is a variety of larger collections of products as well. Android tablets are now a fancy device at affordable rates to people who prefer not using up much of their monthly earning on gadgets.

Take a lot at these.



Oh yea some look fruity and some look vibrant. Well its a collection of a number of accessories and a device that could be your best bet at adding the best gadgets to your cart at affordable prices keeping into account some Style!

USB sticks ,10-LED Super Bright USB Light Desk Lamp powered via USB,  camcorders that take perfect pictures and store for as long as your want, accessories to add up to your already powerful DSLR, card readers, a long list of available android tablets to choose from including different screen sizes,  Bluetooth dongles and a lot more to choose from.

Lets add more to the accessory part. Most of the retailers offer you small accessories when you buy a new device. The screen guard is one of the mist important addition to be applied , keeping away natural scratches of the finger nails and preserving your screen quality. The Samsung devices have a lot of variety in screen size and quality. Some are build just to showcase a good phone with a huge screen but get scratched easily.
Another important thing is a stylus, using a 6 inch tablet phone with single hand is going to be really tough to scroll through the menus.

Lets wrap up the whole thing adding some accessories to our vehicles. Include CD and DVD players , advanced GPS navigation system. On the ride these two accessories can be a handful of entertainment and help while a car alarm and security devices can keep your car from being stolen.