17 September 2013

GO super gamer mode with RATZ

Ever gamer's dream mouse has almost all abilities attached to it. The power of flexibility in 1 hand and equipment's in the other (keyboard). So introducing a high profile gamer mouse *drum roll*

Mad Catz R.A.T 9 Gaming Mouse
Without further ado lets just jump into the action. For looks, ill give it a 10
on 10 and more if possible. Looks extremely well build and killer gamer type. The questions are, Is it light? Is it comfortable? Is it lasting?
Lets answer all your questions with a YES!

Lets loose all wires and get handy with wire free gaming making it ultra comfortable to position your mouse in the area you want. NO more tugging at the short wire or wires that just irritate like hell when least expected.
 R.A.T. 9. has been engineered for GAMERS PERFECTION for ultimate gaming experiences.
The  R.A.T. 9 is packed iwth 2.4GHz Wireless Technology with 1ms response time to make sure you dont miss a single mini movement.
The Wireless Dock helps to keep the battery charged all the time with a hot swap making sure you dont loose out in between battles. I tell you , I have a normal wireless mouse and swapping batteries is a pain.
The R.A.T. 9 goes on for 9 hours of continuous gaming and 4 days or normal use.

All this and we still have a lot more to discuss, here it comes...

Interchangeable Pinkie grips and palm rests which includes 3 types each featuring the same soft-touch default body another with rubber inlay and a 4mm thicker grip to increase the height for the palm while the same 2 and winged shaped design for the pinkie.

There is a custom weight system to allow you to add and remove 6g weights to suite your gaming style along with a Precision Aim mode which slows down the sensitivity when you are sure of your aim to make perfect targets.
This and a lot more of buttons, oh yea 6 programmable buttons and 3 cyborg modes, ST programming software and to finish off with lightweight metal chassis!
All in one, GO GO GO!!