17 September 2013

Wireless Scanners go cute!

I have spend a lot of time researching gadgets, top gadgets, best gadgets, premium gadgets, useful gadgets etc.! It is hell boring unless you find a really good gadget that is really helpful and does most of your major work quickly.

One thing I need at home and office is a scanner but every office should have a scanner and printer all in one machine at hand. What about home? What about if i need an immediate copy to be sent to my boss while travelling? Yes, hectic schedules could result in mishaps.

So Lets go and get ourselves a Wireless scanner! Ok, I'm not at all joking.

Doxie Go + Wi-Fi is a wireless scan bundle. It can scan almost all type papers, at a preferable standard size that is. You dont want to fold or push it through this miniature of a scanner device. Wow, referring to mini, this scanner seems really small and light! easy to carry around in your hand or just dump it into your carry bag, and u might not notice a lot of weight added. The device scans papers without the use of AC power or USB, just scan and send it wirelessly to a device such as MAC,PC,iPad or iPhone and you could have your emails set for a send with the scan copy attached! This cant get cooler!

So the doxie promises to scan most of your office and home documents, including photos, bills, reports and a lot more stuff. The device keeps the scan documents in the device until you decide to move it via wifi or USB.

Has a powerful long lasting battery that isn't a hassle to use anywhere.
It also includes a Eye-Fi X2 wireless SD card, well this is all going high tech.

How do scanners work? Read here